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The Center for Racial Equity
and Justice

Since our partnership in September 2020, the DMV Freedmen have collaborated with The Center for Racial Equity and Justice on various initiatives and projects, including being a monthly contributor to The Center's internationally distributed newsletter on racial justice. 

The Center's Benefit Gala - 3

The DMV Freedmen & Rev. George Gilbert, Jr at the Center’s October 2022 Night of Elegance Awards Benefit 

The Center's Benefit Gala - 1

During that time, the DMV Freedmen's behind the scenes local and national efforts to secure reparations for our lineage, consistently broke down barriers, forged alliances and advanced our all volunteer group to the next level of organizational development. While working towards reparations and the essential goal of resurrecting America's emancipated peoples' original governmental status name 'Freedmen,' it became apparent that we needed to formally organize in order to deepen and widen our work, to expand our reach, influence and collaboration within institutions, like academia.

Therefore, instead of establishing our own 501(c)3, we prepared and presented a proposal for fiscal sponsorship to The Center. This was done in the spirit of unity, bonding and the intention of increasing our strength with numbers and forging an alliance with another prominent institution in our community, the Freedmen Church; which works hand and glove with The Center. To our delight and heartfelt appreciation, The Center for Racial Equity and Justice, led by Rev. George Gilbert, Jr. graciously accepted our proposal and agreed to be our fiscal sponsor with an executed contract in June 2022.

The Center's Benefit Gala - 2

Donate to the DMV Freedmen

If you are interested in supporting the DMV Freedmen and advancing the Reparations Movement, please follow these instructions to make a donation through our fiscal sponsor The Center for Racial Equity and Justice:

  1. Click this link.

  2. Determine your gift amount.

  3. Click 'Where Needed Most.'

  4. Select 'Add Message' and type 'DMV Freedmen' so the donation is earmarked for our efforts.

  5. Click 'Give Now' and follow the payment instructions.

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